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(US - Washington DC Metro Area) Tumbler, Technic, EV3 and Train

monstblitzmonstblitz Member Posts: 653
Hi Everyone,

I went a little crazy on some of these most recent Lego deals and need to move some of the sets I bought.  Most of these I received on sale and am willing to part with them for around what I paid for if there is someone who can do local pick-up.  Here is what I have that I'm looking to part ways with:<br> 
The Tumbler:  #76023  (Will sell for retail + tax(215.00))
Mercedes-Benz Arocs #42043 (Will sell for less than retail(Approx. $200))
Lego Mindstorms #31313 (Will sell for less than retail(Approx.$290))

I also bought the Lego Heavy Haul train (#60098) which I would sell at cost, but since that deal is still live I'm guessing most of you would rather buy from Lego to get the VIP points and bonus set. 

All sets are sealed new in mint condition boxes.  The EV3 Mindstorms set I don't have in my possession yet.  Bought it yesterday on the AmazonUK sale and tried to cancel but I'm stuck with it.  Will sell at cost which is approximately $290.  I believe the box may be in French.  Link:

Message me if you're interested.  As I said, I'd prefer local pick-up but will consider shipping for whatever it costs me to ship. First Marketplace post, please let me know if I've done anything wrong, but I believe I followed guidelines.



  • monstblitzmonstblitz Member Posts: 653
    Decided I'm going to hold onto most of these sets.  Would still sell the Technic if anyone is interested. 
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