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[US] Lego Star Wars Geonosis Sealed Lot

BACbrixBACbrix Member Posts: 655
Good Afternoon, Morning, Evening...

Recently I have straight ran out of room for doubles of certain sets. All sets I own sealed, I have a built counterpart for the most part. The sets I am currently trying to trade for or sell are all in great condition and displayed in my dark closet where I often forget about sets. I have sealed:

#75019 AT-TE
#75021 Republic Gunship
#75017 Duel on Geonosis 
#66473 Star Wars Super Pack 3 in 1 [ Includes x1 #75015 , #75016 , and #75019 ]

Total are four sealed sets but including the super pack it's six sets. Nothing has been opened, tampered with, cut into, or beat up. All are in great shape with minimal normal shelf wear. 

I also have #10937 Arkham Asylum Breakout as a one set lot. It's sealed and in amazing condition. 

I am hoping to currently move the Star Wars in one giant lot. The total value as of right now is well over $600 at the cheapest obtainable prices so obviously looking for equal value. The Asylum is around $280 or so. I want to trade for Star Wars polybags. I am looking for exclusive, rare, sealed polybags that are Star Wars. Don't care which ones, really any of them. Also large lots of minifigures. Any type for the most part but complete. I will sell if someone is really interested but most people like to trade and so do I. Not sure if it allowed in here so let me know if it is not condoned but I am after precious metal Buillons. Any type but certified. Open to any other offers but keep in mind I need to clear space so am trying to avoid sets and get some polys and figure instead. 

Thanks so much. I am in Florida for now but only until April 1st then I'm back in New York so hopefully one month is enough to move these. U.S. only for obvious reasons. 


  • BACbrixBACbrix Member Posts: 655
    edited February 2016
    Found a picture of the Asylum 
  • BACbrixBACbrix Member Posts: 655
    Okay so I don't want to bump this too much because I understand it is annoying but I'll make this my first and final bump unless something is sold or traded. 
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