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[US] WTTF Bumblebee Girl

goshe7goshe7 Member Posts: 515
edited February 2016 in Marketplace
Finally finished my minifig display case, so it was time to dig them all out of the 12qt sterlite tote I had been storing them in.  I could've sworn I had a Bumblebee Girl, but she was not to be found.  

Looking to trade rather than purchase.  I prefer open package (no surprises for either of us) and minimal usage condition.  Assembled and displayed is as good as new as far as I'm concerned.

I would prefer a trade in the US given the ridiculous international shipping rates now (about $13 for most of the world, with Canada being a few bucks cheaper)

I hope to offer some equivalently desirable or rare items.  There is also some filler in the list if it makes for a fair deal.

#5002946 - Silver Centurion polybag
#5000193818 - Dr. Wu polybag
#5003048 - Hulk Polybag
#5002938 - Stormtrooper Sergeant
#40052 - Springtime Scene (with price tag)
#40109 - Mini Cooper
#30168 - Iron Patriot Polybag (otherwise known as Gun Mounting System)
#30201 - Ghost 
#5000063 - TC-14
#40078 - Hot Dog Cart
#4591726 - Chrome Stormtrooper
#5002127 - Flashback Shredder
#5002812 - D2C Classic Spaceman
#5003082 - D2C Classic Pirate 

CMF Series 1 Cowboy 
CMF Series 1 Diver
CMF Series 1 Forestman
CMF Series 1 Clown
CMF Series 1 Robot
CMF Series 1 Ninja
CMF Series 1 Wrestler
CMF Series 1 Cheerleader
CMF Series 1 Zombie
- All Series 1 CMF are sealed and identified by bar code

CMF Series 2 Witch
CMF Series 3 Elf (have multiples sealed, but can open)
CMF Series 12 Pig Suit Guy (opened, never assembled)
CMF Series 13 Unicorn Girl
CMF Series 9 Chicken Suit Guy (which is about to take a severe hit in value, if you haven't been keeping up with news)

Pretty much any Mixel from Series 3, 4, 5, or 6.

I have a pretty good selection of recent polybags from Meijer and TRU. (Rocket Racoon, C-3PO, Electro, Creator Snowman, Creator Christmas Tree,  Creator Tiger, City Garbage Truck etc.)

I haven't reviewed pricing on everything.  Chrome Stormtrooper is the only one (I think) that is selling for substantially more than Bumblebee Girl.  So I'd be looking for something else as well if that stormtrooper is involved.


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