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Lego Shopping Options in Germany? Please Advise

BumblepantsBumblepants Sofia BG/Dallas TXMember Posts: 5,640

I will be traveling to Germany on business several times over the next few months and was hoping for suggestions as to what shops are good places to find deals or larger sets. I am aware of where the Lego Brand Stores are but will not be in those major markets much if at all. Perhaps if you have Carrefour it has Lego newer than Construct-a-Zurg? Thanks for any tips.


  • steinbriquesteinbrique germanyMember Posts: 26

    You can get some good deal and big set in Galeria Kaufhof, in the bigger müller shop;
    Karsdat .

    Some Saturn will have  lego ,price are not that good.

    Some city have a cheap shop called Woolworths, in there you can sometimes get some.

    All this shop are mainly in city center .

    We are having as well toys rus  ( over RRP like everywhere)
    On the outskirt of the city you can find "Real "supermarket , they have good selection and always some reference in sale.

    Try as well small toys shop ( spielladen ) you can sometimes still get some old reference at good price , I recently found some blue baseplate for 5 € a pcs ,but no construct - a -Zorg  :-)

    Currently no big sale on all this shop but always good to look .

    Have fun !
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Sofia BG/Dallas TXMember Posts: 5,640
    Thanks so much! That helps a lot.
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