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On behalf of Fairy Bricks, pre-loved sets for sale. WW postage. Space/Technic/Ferrari & more.

joel4motionjoel4motion United KingdomMember Posts: 959
edited February 2016 in Charity Sales
Hello all,

Late in the summer last year I offered to pick up a massive donation to the Fairy Bricks charity. Amongst the amazing selection of old sealed sets was an abundance of used lego that I have been piecing together when I've had the time. All of the sets are 99.9% complete and are an absolute credit to the kind person who handed them over.

With the blessing of Kev ill be listing the sets here, for sale to the community. All of the proceeds will go directly to Fairy Bricks and the shipping can be arranged between me and the buyer. I have an account with a UK courier company so can hopefully get great deals on UK/EU or WW shipping.

I have pictures of everything and ill be uploading them in good time.

Now to the good bit, the sets!

#8480-01 Technic Space Shuttle
99.9% complete with the instruction manual in excellent condition. An absolute stunner of a set. Ive only built the main build but comes with a few spares that I presume will go towards the 2nd build.

#3451 Sopwith Camel, complete with unused/mint sticker sheet and manual

#10029 Lunar Lander, 2 of these. One complete with manual/unused sticker, one missing 10-12 pieces and with a missing astronaut torso/head.

#7468 Saturn Moon Mission 99% complete with unused stickers and manual/small book 

#8459 Pneumatic Loader, built main model, not alternative. No spares so didn't want to get through the 2nd build and be short on pieces. Manual and stickers unused.

#8386 Ferrari F1, one 100% complete with unused stickers and manuals. A second 99% complete, no manual. 

#8438 Pneumatic Crane. 100% complete, not built alt model though. With manual.

There are more but ill need to check on them again to confirm some details.

Check the BL pricing, make an offer but bear in mind that the proceeds are going to a good cause so be fair!

Any questions? Ask away and ill do my best.



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