FT (UK): SW / SH figures

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I have some recent(ish) SW / SH figs for trade:

sw711 Boba Fett
sw709 Han Solo (Hoth coat)
sw644 Han Solo (Endor)
sw643 Leia (with cape)
sw635 Luke (Jedi)
sw634 Emperor Palpatine
sw468 Jango Fett

sh185 Nick Fury
sh145 Green Lantern
sh055 Venom
sh034 Hawkeye
sh012 Lex Luthor
sh005 Joker
sh004 Wonder Woman
sh003 Superman

sw636 Vader
sw633 Yularen
sw586 Vader
sw510 Teebo
sw509 Luke
sw508 Ewok warrior
sw402 Jabba
sw337 Leia

sh168 Iron Legion
sh167 Iron Man (Mk 43)
sh164 Iron Man (Mk 45)
sh157 Super Girl

Mine are all new and I would like the same condition in return. UK only.

PM if interested.


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