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(US) WTTF - PotC Minifigures

SumoLegoSumoLego Member Posts: 15,216
Aloha!  Because I like to take interest in things well after they are readily available, I'm trying to track down a few of the named characters from the retired PotC theme.  I'm not looking for every iteration of every character, and I don't want any of the "generic" characters.

#poc005  Admiral Norrington
#poc006  Angelica
#poc007  Blackbeard
#poc033  Bootstrap Bill
#poc034  Captain Jack Sparrow
#poc031  Davy Jones 
#poc002  Elizabeth Swann Turner
#poc015  Hadras
#poc004  Hector Barbossa
#poc028  Hector Barbossa with Pegleg 
#poc032  Maccus
#poc025  Mermaid Syrena
#poc021  Philip Swift
#poc023  Scrum
#poc026  Will Turner
Although, now that I look at it, I may just be looking for:

#4183 - The Mill
#4181 - Isla de la Muerta
#4192 - Fountain of Youth

I have a lot of stuff to trade.  And I don't mind grabbing an available set of comparable value.  Drop me a PM!


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