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Looking to trade some star wars minifigures

Jackad7Jackad7 Member Posts: 555
I've decided to get back into Lego and noticed I missed some of my favorite characters so I've taken to here!
I'd prefer to trade but I'll sell too.
What I have:
Dengar #6209
Bespin Guard #6209
Boba Fett #6209
C-3PO sealed Poly Promo

What I want:
Aayla secura #8098
Boushh #9516
Green clone #7260
Commander gree #75043
Darth maul #7101
Ki-Adi-Mundi #7959
Ceremonial princess Leia #9495
Princess Leia #75020
Green scout trooper #7261
Poison Ivy #6860
Sorry I don't have much right now but I'll add more in the future.


  • Jackad7Jackad7 Member Posts: 555
    Got in a rex #75012
    Phase 1 gree #9491
    501st clone #75002
    ARF trooper #9488
    And a load of old style snowtroopers for trade
    Buying a Aayla secura for 22.50 shipped.
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