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Looking for doors that would work in a panel

ludzikludzik US (SoCal)Member Posts: 429
edited January 2016 in Building and Techniques
I ended up picking up for pretty cheap 10676 which has a big front gate type panel.  Panel in itself would not be exciting if it wasn't for the fact that it's setup for doors but there are no doors in the set.  I did a search on Bricklink for Panel 4 x 16 x 10 to catch other "print" variations and found a total of 4 (one of them being the one that I owned).  Unfortunately in none of the sets there were doors included which brings me to my dilemma - which doors would fit?  I'm looking through list of doors on bricklink and getting a headache... Does anyone have any ideas? below is a link to the Panel search results  


  • TigerMothTigerMoth Member Posts: 2,343
    It looks like it would take the type of doors that fit the 6 x 4 frames and which have a little pip on the top and bottom.

    There may not be anything which seems "right" for the actual piece but that's because the mounting method would still conform to other uses.
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