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[Ger/EU] *wanted* Large SW OT Minifigures List!

DiggydoesDiggydoes Cologne/GermanyMember Posts: 1,079
Hi everybody,
i´m currently on a task to collect all Star Wars OT Minifigures from the "Flesh-era".
So here´s my wanted list (Minifigures have to be in unplayed condition please, so no teeth-marks or some):

Princess Leia (Hoth Outfit) sw113 

Han Solo sw081 

Snowtrooper Light Bl. Grey Hips sw080 

Darth Vader Light Bl. Grey Head sw115 

Darth Vader with Light Up Lightsaber sw117 

Imperial Officer (Imperial Inspection) sw114 

Stormtrooper Printed Legs sw122Darth Vader (Imperial Inspection) sw123 

Imperator Palpatine sw124 

ASP Droid sw145 

Owen Lars sw140 

R1-G4 sw147 

R5-D4 (10144) sw142 

Treadwell Droid sw146

Gonk Droid sw073a 

Bespin Guard sw150 

Dengar sw149 

IG-88 sw151 

Rebel Pilot A-Wing (Light Flesh,Tr.Black Visor) sw031a 

Rebel Technician sw082 

Ten Numb sw153 

Imperial Officer sw154 

Stormtrooper (Light Flesh Head) sw036a 

Han Solo Red.Brown Legs sw084 

Lando Calrissian - Skiff Guard sw086 

Luke Skywalker (Skiff) sw083 

R2-D2 with serving Tray sw028a 

Wedge Antilles sw089

Han Solo Red.Brown Legs with Holster Pattern sw088 

Luke Skywalker (Pilot,Light Flesh) sw090 

Imperial AT-ST Pilot sw093 

Rebel Pilot Y-Wing (Dutch Vander) sw094 

Stormtrooper (Bl. Head) sw036b 

Stormtrooper with Pauldron sw109a 

Dack Ralter sw012b 

Hoth Rebel 3 sw167 

AT-AT Driver sw177 

General Veers sw178 

Luke Skywalker (Tatooine) sw176 

Obi Wan Kenobi sw174 

Stormtrooper (Tatooine) with Pauldron sw199 

Stormtrooper (Light Flesh Head) sw188a 

Scout Trooper (Black Head) sw005a 

Crix Madine sw250 

Lando Calrissian (General Outfit) sw251 

Mon Calamrai Officer sw248 

Rebel Pilot A-Wing sw031a 

Captain Antilles sw256 

Han Solo Reddish Brown Legs sw278 

Luke Skywalker (hoth) sw098 

R5-D4 sw029a 

Han Solo Reddish Br. Legs(Open Jacket) sw290 

Han Solo (6212) sw088a 

Han Solo Black Vest sw179a 

Luke Skywalker (Pilot) sw090a 

Han Solo (7965) sw334 

Obi Wan Kenobi sw336 

Han Solo Tan Legs/Parka Hood sw343 

Luke Skywalker (Bacta Tank) sw342 

2-1B Medical Droid sw345 

Admiral Piett sw352 

Dengar sw350 

IG-88 sw351 

Jek Porkins (9493) sw372 

R5-D8 sw373 

Stormtrooper (Tatooine)w. Orange Pauldron sw364 

Stormtrooper (Tatooine) w. White Pauldron sw383 

Darth Vader (Watch) sw386 

Obi Wan Kenobi sw388 

Imperial AT-ST Driver sw401 

Rebel Pilot X-Wing (9677) sw399 

Imperial Officer Chin Strap sw426 

Gonk Droid (9509) sw430 

Snowtrooper Printed Head sw463 

Max Rebo sw486 

Princess Leia (Slave) sw485 

Ree-Yees sw483 

Weequay Skiff Guard sw487 

R2-D2 with Serving Tray sw028b 

Tie Fighter Pilot (Light Flesh Head) sw543 

Imperial Crew (75033) sw545Owen Lars (75059) sw559 

R2 Unit sw555 

Gonk Droid (75059) sw562 

Treadwell Droid sw550 

R1-Series Droid sw589 

Emperor Palpatine Tan Head, Tan Hands sw595 

Tie Fighter Pilot (75095) sw632

Here is a selection of what i have to trade:


Martian Manhunter

Hulk (x2)

TC-14 (x5)

Mirkwood Elf Guard (x2) 

Creator Flower Cart


Storm (x2)

Magneto (x2 #76022)

Wolverine (x2 #76022)

Cyclops (x2)


Joker ( #76035)

Batman Black Suit (x3 aus 6863)

Star Wars

Obi Wan Kenobi (  #75052)

Greedo ( #75052)

Luke Skywalker ( #75052)

Dewback (x2 #75052)

Comic Con:

2011 SDCC Green Lantern (on Card of course)

2014 SDCC Unikitty (in untouched Blister)

To keep Shipping Fees low, and to avoid Custom Fees, i would prefer to trade/buy only inside the EU! 

For questions just PM me.

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