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MastertMastert Amston, CTMember Posts: 3
is there a way to get a list of sets that come with a bonus minifig, i.e. "Padawan Menace" or DVDs with figures or books that include minifig?  I was trying to see what extra figures were available out there and was wondering if there was a way to pull them all up together.


  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,404
    Best place to start would be here...... .

    Have a browse and see what you find.
  • MastertMastert Amston, CTMember Posts: 3
    Yes thanks, I tried that but couldn't seem to come up with the right search phrase to get items like that to show.  I am a little of a completest for sets and I was looking for a way to see if I missed any extra figures from a theme or two.  Didn't know if I was just not phrasing the search right. 
  • TigerMothTigerMoth Member Posts: 2,343
    Will the component parts do?

    If you look through Brickset's parts, you'll find that more recent printed parts all have what is effectively a print number included in their description. You can do this for the heads, the torsos and the legs. The numbers are generally consecutive. I won't guarantee that there aren't any missing, but it might either confirm that you have got them all, or hint that there's some missing. Most of Brickset's database comes from TLG - and they should know what they've designed, although there is a chance that they may also have subequently decided not to use it.

    The slight snag is that the number will be the same regardless of the colour of the underlying piece, and it won't help if different combinations of the different parts have been used.
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