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Identifying part versions for certain sets/years

emzexemzex Member Posts: 2
edited November 2011 in Collecting
Hi, everyone. I'm a collector, as I'm sure most people here are. I sometimes get older LEGO sets in incomplete condition or in bulk (kids' collections, bulk kiloware purchases etc.). I then try to complete some of the more interesting/rare sets to add to the collection or resell. Regular Bricklink purchases make that possible.

One problem is that sometimes it's not clear what version of the part the set is missing. It gets especially hard if it was fished out of a 10 kg pile of parts – in that case, even the basic bricks may be the wrong version. I'm ok at identifying many of the 80's and 90's sets. But not quite so with older, or sets from the late 90's to present.

Latest example: 1x3 bricks from 10027 train shed (esp. the old dark gray version of the set). Hollow or solid peg? What font for part#?

What were the different basic brick versions from 1999 to 2009, and where were they found? I know the latest 1-wide bricks from 2010 on have new "round-stamped" bottoms and sometimes solid pegs a-la 80's. Previous ones have hollow pegs and flat bottoms with a bit of an inner "lip" on them. I know there could be overlap (some of my brand new store-bought sets have two versions of the same part, due to mixing at the factory), but in general. Perhaps there's a resource that could shed some light on this?

Gary Istok's guide is great at identifying stuff older than the 80's. Bricklink might sometimes be useful, but parts are never sorted by version/mold type, unless they have visible defining characteristics. Case in point: stud-pip and older side-pip bricks are the same part.

This could be an open topic for these kinds of questions. I guess most wouldn't bother, but I'm sure it's possible with a bit of help from Brickset audience?
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