2 Star Wars buying questions

legoleppylegoleppy MarylandMember Posts: 71
1) I would like to collect the bigger iconic OT sets.  I have the DS, AT-AT, the most recent OT MF. I have my eye on the #75060 Slave 1, #75095 Tie Fighter (I could be ok with waiting for the new TIE Advanced coming out later this year),  and #10240 X-wing (is this still around?).  I know it's preference, but what is everyone thoughts on these sets?  Do you think they'll update any of these soon?  These will be for display.

2)  I want to get a few of the buildable figures.  Will the first wave (Grievous and Darth) be discontinued anytime soon since the new ones were released on Jan. 1?

Ok, that was more than 2 questions.  Thanks for your help.


  • CaptAPJTCaptAPJT Member Posts: 222
    Some of the sets you've mentioned fall into the UCS category, most notably #75060, #75095 and #10240. It's unlikely we'll see them being remade at that scale within the next ten year. Red 5's X-Wing is the only UCS set to date to have been refreshed but with over a decade between the original and current version. Other sets like the system scale Falcon come around every two to three years. I don't think there's ever been a time when a system scale Falcon or X-Wing haven't been on the shelves. 

    I have both the X-Wing and Slave 1 and think they're both great, I prefer the Slave but that's a personal preference. The Tie is on my shopping list. I'm also a collector primarily of UCS scale display models.

    No idea about the buildable figures. I imagine they'll be given a 12month shelf life similar to the micro-fighters so maybe they'll disappear in summer? Merely speculation on my part and I'm sure I'll be corrected.

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