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What is this type of figure called?

MynattMynatt OH/NYMember Posts: 579
edited January 2016 in Collecting
I am in the process of organizing and making mini figure display cases. I then came across two Marvel figures that I did not know what to call (besides Groot and the Sentential):

Now I am not sure if they would fall under the big fig category but if you ask me, I would not necessarily call these big figs since they are brick built.

Furthermore, they are continuing into 2016:

Personally I prefer brick built over big fig but for the sake of curiosity I was wondering if there is a official name (something that follows the lines of nano figures, micro figures, minifigures, big figs) that the Lego Community has for these creatures. 



  • DedgeckoDedgecko Seattle, WAMember Posts: 799
    edited January 2016

    Though brick-built, large figure works as well
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 12,400
    I cringe every time I see that Groot.

    I'm sure there is some clever 'Constraction' term that a marketing person at Lego coined.
  • MrJ_NYMrJ_NY A flick missle away from Brickagara FallsMember Posts: 592
    edited January 2016
    something like "I planted some bricks and Grew-It" Grew-It's will be the advanced Mixels line
  • Pumpkin_3CK5Pumpkin_3CK5 CaliforniaMember Posts: 769

    I thought they were just called brick built figs. 
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin UKMember Posts: 2,868
    was it not buildable figures?
    maybe we should call the lego star wars buildable figures (Buildable Technic Figures)
    and the one's you ask about here, (Buildable Brick Figures)

  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,215
    There is very little that is official about the Lego community.
  • willobee498willobee498 CanadalandMember Posts: 349
    I call them Brick figs, but I doubt that's the official name.
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