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  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,523
    This is likely a conversation for another thread, but curious what those who currently run BL stores would say to an individual considering opening their own store right now? Is it worth it? Too much hassle? Does it "pay off" in the end?

     ...asking for a friend...

    It really depends on what you have and what you can get below market value. If it is used common parts, you need a huge inventory. If it is new, modern minifigures and minifig parts then you don't need much at all.

    I know one seller that gets hold of new sets, sells off just the minifigures on BL (and occasionally ebay) and sells the incomplete builds on ebay. He barely has 100 lots at any one time but does pretty well as his stuff moves fast. Another that also parts out new sets but then clearances the parts to 25% off within a month, then 50% and 75% off soon after. So has minimal stock but very fast turnover. And again, he seems to do well.

    Older (~10 years old) sealed sets also sell very well if you thin out a collection.
  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 2,326
    a relative burst of orders from December 21st to 29th then nothing
    though I do have something on the books for 2023, one of those orders being paid in a few days, a delay often not notable when not overlapping years

    gotta actually list some stuff I bought years ago
    I often discount old stuff to move it, hadn't thought doing so that dramatically on such a regular schedule
  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 2,326
    January 22nd was the end of USPS holiday rush pricing, so I lowered my prices on 1st class mail package
    but apparently there was a separate price increase for the year that took effect

    so something I thought went down from $3.88 to $3.48 only went down to $3.81. came up with an order received before paid after, I had re-invoiced according to what i thought was the new price. Cheap lesson to learn, edited my shipping options with all the new prices. 1st class package international package increased even further for 8oz, 2lb and 3lb tiers but slightly decreased for 4lb.
  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 2,326
    Looked through the country list and sorted by zone
    for 1st class package international:

    1 Canada, 2 Mexico, 13 Brazil, 14 China, 16 Germany, 17 Japan, 19 Russia

    11, Argentina and Chile, now includes Venezuela
    12 is still Australia and New Zealand

    20 is just the UK, I list the UK prices as 'everything else' with a caveat that postage is slightly different for countries not mentioned, so I don't have to type up all 20 zones

    3 Eastern Europe, 4 Middle East and East Asia, 5 Africa, 6 South America/Latin America/Caribbean, 7 and 8 various parts of Europe plus Israel in 8, 9 much of Central/North Europe, 10 hard to describe

    15 France and some French territories (though overseas territories are often in separate zones, like 6 Falklands vs 11 Argentina or 20 UK)

    (though those zones include a few other places and some countries in those regions are in other zones)

  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 2,326
    another thing I  noticed on the new notice 123 (USPS price list) - domestic zones 1 and 2 now have separate pricing. 8 and 9 are still the same prices for 1st class but do differ for Priority
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