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  • FizyxFizyx ColoradoMember Posts: 781
    KingAlanI said:
    Fizyx said:
    Personally, I like the brick-built figures, BUT I will also admit that the only one that I really would like multiples of are the royal guard from the Space Palace set.

    Guessing you mean #70838 - I have 5 of those to sort but going to finish 70828 before working on a different set
    Yup, that's the one.  Absolutely fantastic brick built figure imo.
  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 1,875
    Was surprisingly productive tonight, started on 70828 bag 2's and got through the vast majority of the large parts before I felt like a break, and doing some sorting before a break is also a good sign
  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 1,875
    This morning, finished bag 2

    Put the dark turquoise in a separate bin (what I little I'd listed already was with the yellowish green and olive green), only time I've needed another tub in my recent sorting. I don't need the space yet but the set inventory tells me there's more coming (similarly, I get out a larger ziplock if there's more of a lot in other bags)
  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 1,875
    got to bag 3 fairly quick, and started bag 4 but took awhile to get around to finishing it

    running low on 2x3 bags and number 0 size bubblemailers. have enough for now but will need to order more soon. have plenty of other sizes, amongst other things could use larger or smaller ones to stretch supply

    found a set of small plastic drawers a few days ago. 15 2 3/4" by 5 7/8" (7x15 cm) with adjustable dividers
    starting to use that to store small lots that would otherwise be buried amongst large lots in my regular bins, or colors I have little enough of to not warrant a larger bin at all
    the fronts are a perfect fit for the 1" by 2 5/8" (2.5x6.7cm) label stickers I use
  • rbozarthrbozarth TexasMember Posts: 43
    Recently parted out 5 Unikitty Cloud Car sets for all you Unikitty fans.  

  • KingAlanIKingAlanI Rochester, NYMember Posts: 1,875
    opened 70828 bag 5 Wednesday night so the empty bags could go out with the garbage pickup Thursday morning. not the first time garbage day has motivated me.
    finished sorting them Thursday night. was pleased with myself for not putting the pieces away to sort later.

    but moving on to a non LEGO project for now

    hoping to bring some semblance of control to my backlog by Thanksgiving to make room and generate cashflow for Black Friday deals. my favorite NFL team is playing on Thanksgiving for the first time in ages so I'll be late getting to the stores but at WalMart toys don't seem to be as big a rush as electronics.
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