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Angry Birds 2016 sets

chrisalddinchrisalddin UKMember Posts: 2,855
edited January 2016 in Collecting
so with more news on "Angry Birds Movie set's" being found.
i would like to get your views on what you think.

i know what i think,
yes them look nice, and will be good for kids to play with,
but this is not for me. i already have more sets on my list then i can afford to get in 2016.
and i know more will be added pushing others off the list.

this is just not good enough for me to add it to my Have to Have list or my want it list, but it will be going on my wish list (you know the one if you win £/$ 100.000 you would get. wish list.  

do you like the Angry Birds Theme Or hate it.


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