(Uk) WTT superheroes for Star Wars

brickedinbrickedin London, UKMember Posts: 449

I have a bunch of sealed sets and the reality is I am no longer much interested in superheroes. Makes sense therefore to trade for stuff I am interested in. I am mostly after OT Star Wars in particular #9490 and #8092 happy for used and also happy just to  get the figs. 

Also interested in hoth or endor sets and figs.

I have available the following. These are all sealed and pretty mint but I will check the boxes for condition:

#6857 funhouse
#6873 Doc ock ambush 
#76006 iron man extremis sea port battle
#6860 bat cave
#76000 arctic batman
#30168 iron patriot
#5002081 plastic man
#76002 metropolis showdown
#76008 iron man vs mandarin 

I have feedback on the forum, please pm any offers. I would also consider buying so let me know your price. 



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