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2016 Star Wars Minifigure Doubles

DangermouseDangermouse Member Posts: 17
I managed to get the GB HQ and some superheroes, but I was unsure whether to buy the new larger Star Wars sets out today.

I have some of the smaller sets out earlier in the week but I was in the Meadowhall Lego shop today and it was horrendous you couldn't move for people holding ghostbusters sets so I couldn't check!!!

So I wondered if any of you knew if any of these mini figures are doubles?

75316 Droid escape - I think the Jawa and C3-P0 and doubles but is the R2-D2?

75139 Battle of Takodana - is Finn and storm troopers doubles?

75140 Resistance troop transporter - are the resistance troopers doubles?

thanks in advance, I'm trying to save cash this year by not buying everything!!!! 


  • hmnicollhmnicoll Member Posts: 65
    I think that R2-D2 is, and so is Finn and the stormtrooper (you do get an exclusive riot control baton for everyone's favourite TR-8R). Leia and Ackbar are exclusive but I'm not sure about the resistance troops. They're generic enough anyway.
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    Droid Escape: C-3PO is new torso. R2-D2 is same sw527. Both Jawas are same as from UCS Sandcrawler.

    Battle of Takodana: Maz Kanata is all new. Finn has leg printing, all else is same as before. Kylo Ren has human face print instead of mask, hair piece instead of hood, and no printed legs. Stormtroopers are same as before.

    Resistance Troop Transporter: Leia &  Ackbar are both all new. One Resistance Trooper is all new, the one with a Rebel emblem on his chest pocket. The other Resistance trooper is same as from the Battlepacks set.
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    I take that back on Finn and Kylo Ren's leg printing, the pic I saw had them swapped. So Finn is the same and Kylo just has a new face.
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