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Placeholder images?

cody6268cody6268 Member Posts: 266
Going through the Technic listings, I see a Claas tractor and Volvo wheeled excavator.    As an American Claas fan I knew what the Class Xerion was, but not the Volvo. 

Several diecast model dealers and even some model manufacturer catalogs use a photo of the actual vehicle as a placeholder if the model doesn't have a photo yet.  I think it would help here if something similar was done. 

Would it be possible to do this until unmarked photos of the actual set became available?  


  • paul_mertonpaul_merton UKMember Posts: 2,957
    I don't think I'd like that. It could end up being misleading. What if the colour scheme is different, etc? Best to stick to pictures of the actual set imho, and no picture is better than a misleading one.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,492
    ^ Agreed
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