LEGO Architecture Advent calendar + Free Instructions

Merry Christmas!  I'm excited to share the 6 "nanoscale" architecture models which I submitted in the Advent calendar contest at Brickset.  

6 "nanoscale" LEGO Architecture models based on designs in The LEGO Architect book.

Creating what I call "Nanoscale" LEGO models which meet the constraints of the advent calendar contest is a really interesting challenge.  Specifically, the parts need to fit easily in the small compartments of the official LEGO Advent calendars, and the model should use 20 parts or fewer. 

Nanoscale Prairie house on right, More detailed LEGO model from the book on left.

I'm also excited to share instructions to build one of these models as new bonus materials for LEGO Architecture enthusiasts, and readers of my book, The LEGO Architect. (Admittedly, this model uses 21 pieces to achieve the preferred design, but you can easily modify it to use 20 bricks.)

Detailed instructions show you how to make this tiny model using only 21 common LEGO bricks.

It's a pleasure to share these directions with other LEGO enthusiasts, especially around the holidays when people have some time to build LEGO projects.  (I also hope that The LEGO Architect was part of your holidays.)

Visit to download and print directions for this model, as well as a tiny Neoclasssical monument.

Merry Christmas and a happy LEGO-filled New Year!


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