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Custom Sticker Help


I am aware that there is chat from time to time around creating stickers and for basic stuff I am Ok with a printer and white paper but for the MOC i am working on i need something much better and thus far beyond my own skills and equipment.

I am building a custom Alias Investiations office (Jessica Jones, Marvel/Netfix) and need a sticker creating on transparant sticky backing to place on a standard to go in the window (so would need to fit on a standard 1x4x3 glass insert for a window (Similar to the detective agency logo used in 10246)

If anyone is able to help or point me in a good direction that would be fantastic.

thanks loads



  • RobertoRoberto Member Posts: 117
    edited December 2015
    Hi Matt, for a little and simple work like this I would suggest you to move in this way: download from internet the exact graphic content you need, then use a vector graphic program (or even a simply graphic program) to regulate the dimensions of the sticker in relation to the correct dimensions of the brick on which you'll paste the sticker. You can use your ink-jet printer to make some test. Once that you have finished your graphic file and you are happy with it, in order to print and cut your sticker on that particular type of paper you can look for a specialized paper-shop where you live and ask for transparent decals paper for ink jet printers, It's not so easy to find it and I never used  it but you can find some precious information about in any model collecting forum or shop. In alternative go to the nearest typography or graphic studio and let them print and cut your file.
  • jmilesjmiles Member Posts: 2
    Hi Matt, I am sorry for the delayed reply but I am willing to help you.

    Due to your busy schedule, why not coordinate your artwork to sticker specialists, so that they will guide you and give you some recommendations.

    Try AllStickerPrinting. Forward your desire picture to them and they will accomodate you right away. You can also request to change you artwork.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Hey @jmiles I will look into that.
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