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Fred Meyer Lego 1-Day Sale - 40% Off Today (12/9/15)

Fred Meyer is doing 40% off select Lego sets today only - 12/9/15.  I stopped into Issaquah, WA and they were all on a table near the toy section.   Mostly City, Elves and Pirates. I picked up the last Knowhere Escape Mission for $23.99

Selection looks like it varies a little by store...probably would have been better if i'd seen it first thing this AM. The site I got the tip from showed some different sets (more Star Wars) down at the Tumwater, WA store.  

Maybe folks in the Pacific Northwest can catch it on the drive home.

Sets at Issaquah, WA included:

#75077 - Homing Spider Droid - Microfighters Series 2

#60086 - Lego City Starter
#60066 -- Swamp Police Starter
#60081 - Pickup Tow Truck
#60082 - Dune Buggy Trailer

#41071 - Aira's Creative Workshop
#41072 - Secret Spa
#41074 - Magical Bakery
#41077 - Pegasus Sleigh

#70754 - ElectroMech
#70752 - Jungle Trap

#31019 - Forest Animals
#31021 - Furry Creatures

#70410 - Soldiers Outpost
#70413 - The Brick Bounty


  • DedgeckoDedgecko Member Posts: 798
    The folks at the Covington FM put out an abysmal selection.  I ended up finding several more in the actual Lego aisle and just checked them against the scanner.

    Brickbounty is a steal at $60.  But I didn't see any larger sets with the discount.  Most were in $30 MSRP range before the discount.
  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    Ya we cleaned house today.  Killer deals. We nailed all the Pirates, X men and Guadians of Galaxy plus lots more.  And they screwed up and gave us the extra $30 off with coupon too. 
  • DedgeckoDedgecko Member Posts: 798
    What's the best way to stay up on Fred Meyers deals?  I barely got wind of it by randomly checking slick deals before I left work yesterday.
  • monstblitzmonstblitz Member Posts: 653
    Any of these stores on the East Coast?  I typed in store locator and all I got were Harris Teeter grocery stores...
  • DavidBrickleyDavidBrickley Member Posts: 376
    Any of these stores on the East Coast?  I typed in store locator and all I got were Harris Teeter grocery stores...

    None down here in Central VA. Closest I've seen to deals like this is when the Kroger Marketplace does its semiannual toy reset, and the Lego get wiped out almost immediately.
  • pansyppansyp Member Posts: 93
    Fred Meyer is Kroger-owned, but operates in WA, OR, ID and AK.

    @Dedgecko The site i linked to up top seems to be a good way to track Fred Meyer deals, I'd just gotten out of the habit of checking since a lot of the other deals they post aren't really for me. The only reason I saw it yesterday was Twitter.

    I don't even think it was in the Fred Meyer Wednesday one-day sale ad this week.
  • monstblitzmonstblitz Member Posts: 653
    So it looks like Kroger owns Fred Meyer and Harris Teeter which is probably why Harris Teeter stores popped up when I tried to locate one.  Guessing Harris Teeter doesn't have this sale or even Legos...
  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    Facebook Lego user group is how I spot deals.  Someone always posts deals.  
    Fred Meyer ussualy has one more big sale before Christmas. Like buy one get one of equal 
    value for half off. 
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