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FS [UK]: Bulk Lot of Sealed Sets


My friendly storage depot (aka mother in law) is moving from the UK and so I need to dispose of a bunch of stock that is cluttering up her place.

I know this is not everyones cup of tea, but I figured worth a shout on here to see if there is any interest. I reckon it is a pretty decent discount on offer, so it might be worth it for someone looking to resell. The hope is to sell as a single lot, ideally with collection in Winchester, but posting could be done (everything is pretty well boxed up). All are brand new in sealed boxes, with all boxes in very good condition.


3 x 10211 - Grand Emporium
3 x 9465 - The Zombies
2 x 9493 - X-Wing
1 x 10225 - R2-D2
2 x 9468 - Vampire Castle
3 x 9492 - Tie Fighter
2 x 6869 - Quinjet Aerial Battle
1 x 10188 - Death Star
2 x 10220 - VW Camper
2 x 3862 - HP Game (I know...)
2 x 79105 - Baxter Robot Rampage
1 x 10199 - WV Toy Shop

Lowest current pricing averaged from bay and link is around GBP2300. I am looking for offers around the 1600 mark. A lot for sure, but quite a bit of melted plastic in return.

Early bird bonus gets a 10214 Tower Bridge as a freebie ! Slightly better than your average VIP giveaway...


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