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What should I buy?

I just won a coupon at a local lego store. The store is quite expensive, so most of the sets are not worth buying them from there.
So I figured that some exclusive sets are the only ones worth buying.

They have both of these sets: #10245 and #10249. Both at the same price. Which one should I buy? Which one is more value for the money? Which one is better for playability? Which one has better parts that I could use later on differentt builds?

Thanks in advance for your advice :)


  • kiki180703kiki180703 Member Posts: 1,063
  • joel4motionjoel4motion Member Posts: 959
    C'mon @kiki180703 leave the mods to moderator the posts, that's why they're appointed/hired. If the post was poorly placed/had foul language etc then fair enough but it's just someone looking for an opinion on Lego, if the thread isn't meant to be then it'll just disappear.

    #10245 would be my choice
    @arathemis love the little sleigh, even more so if I'd have gotten it for free!
  • arathemisarathemis Member Posts: 627
    Did I missplace my post? Sorry if I did so....
    Thanks Joel, It`s not quite free thugh, as the coupon only covers about 30 % of the total price :)
  • arathemisarathemis Member Posts: 627
    I also want to say that I do not own any of the WV sets. So is the santa workshop a good place to start, or is sthe toy shop a better option?
  • tecjamtecjam Member Posts: 255
    The workshop will most likely not be available for that price next year. Generalising on Legos past sales tactics, it seems they keep last years VW set plus the new one. So next year I doubt you'll be able to get hold of #10245 from lego for the retail price.

    #10249 however should be available again with the (new re-release) ermm new VW set. ;)
  • joel4motionjoel4motion Member Posts: 959
    I'd definitely go for the Santa's workshop with the voucher then. This years Xmas set will likely be on sale on S@H in their post Xmas sale, 30% if they follow the last couple of years.
  • arathemisarathemis Member Posts: 627
    Unfortunately, I cannot buy from, as my country is not included in the regions available on that website.
     I doubt the local shops will discount them after january 1st.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    They are both nice models. Read the reviews and make your choice.
  • crazycarlcrazycarl Member Posts: 392
    I would say the Santa's Workshop would be my first choice if I were you.  Its the most "Chrismasy" of all the sets and would be fine as a stand alone set.  I must also mention that I have all the WV sets less the train and so far this is my favorite.  Second would be the Toy Store because of the tree.
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Member Posts: 1,063
    Oops I didn't see that. I'm so sorry @arathemis ! I think you should get the #10245 because I think it looks better. Still so sorry!
  • arathemisarathemis Member Posts: 627
    @kiki: No problem.

    I think I`ll go for the santa one, as standing on its own is a big plus.
    Even if I really like the Christmas tree from the toy shop. Guess I`ll get that next year.
    Thanks everyone.
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