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21026-1... Is that a Lego church?

I flip from hot to cold on the architecture theme, but I've been looking forward to getting the new skylines type sets.  So much so, that it only just occurred to me now that 21026 Venice, has a church in it: St. Mark's Basilica.  A Lego church!  Did I miss the memo about Lego allowing religious buildings? I thought they were taboo.

(I can't imagine I'm the first to comment on this, apologies but I didn't find a thread where it was discussed).


  • davee123davee123 Member Posts: 850
    They don't do too many religious things apart from Christmas and Easter promo sets, usually.  There was an old church in the Town Plan sets from Ye Olde Days:


    Back in the 50s, LEGO staff also took an active role in the community churches.  They gave away these at various events (plastic-molded, but not LEGO System compatible):

    It wouldn't surprise me if the Architecture series did more religious things, though.  If they did something like Notre Dame Cathedral, I wouldn't be too shocked.  It would probably be more of a landmark than a religious statement.

  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    edited November 2015
    I don't recall lego ever saying that they won't do religion or anything touching on religion (ideas aside). This is mainly inferred by what they haven't done (for a long time). As above, this is more of a landmark than a church. At this scale, they have stripped it of all religious symbols. Similarly, I can understand them not doing something like Notre Dame as a single building, but including it in a Paris cityscape at a similar scale to this.

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