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Forum neophyte

CaptainAwesomeManCaptainAwesomeMan Harrisburg, PAMember Posts: 2
Hi!  I'm new to online forums, but am looking to get more involved in the Lego community. 

I love realism, so the modular buildings and larger scale model cars are really my passion.  I find the finer details and outside-of-the-box creative uses of pieces to be fascinating, and am looking to see what the rest of y'all have to offer.

I still have every Lego piece and every set of instructions for each set I've had since I was 6 years old (over 30 years ago!). 
It seems like this might be the best place to find like-minded people.

I joined Lego Ideas a few months back, and even submitted a large scale model of a 2015 ford F-150 a few weeks ago. 

I'm hoping this forum will help bring attention to my Ideas project, but I really want to see what else goes on within the Lego community.  There is a big Lego show coming to my town in a few months, but I feel there may be a lot more events that aren't sponsored directly by Lego that I can find out about here. 

This site is pretty vast, if anyone can advise a good starting point for me based on my interests, I would appreciate the guidance.

And, if you want to check out a sweet truck model, I would love the support:

Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from someone (anyone... )  :)


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