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First In-Bag Build!

I just completed my first in-bag build! It was the #30185 Little Eagle polybag (thanks again, @legogal!)

Probably not the easiest choice for a first build. It looks like most people start with vehicles in clear bags (maybe as part of larger sets), but I thought, "why not?" It was so very rewarding to snap the last leg onto the clip.

I think this forum is rubbing off on me, as my first thought was how chuffed I am, and "chuffed" isn't a word you ever really hear here in America :-)



  • high5debrahigh5debra Member Posts: 16
    That's incredible.  I'd never thought of that.  Typically, my self-imposed "challenge" is to build the vehicle that comes with SW or Chima battle packs (or any small set) without using the instructions: just the picture on the box.  But this is rather impressive.  I've got to try this.
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,119
    That's chuffing great @ricecake!

    Building in the bag is always a good competition at AFOL events.
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    How do you see the instructions?
  • ricecakericecake Member Posts: 878
    I worked from a PDF of the instructions.
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    I was 1/2 joking, I just assumed you would have built one before.  I think you should have to spot the instructions through the tiny window.  Unfolding them would be the hardest part.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    Folding them back up once the model is built would be harder. :-)
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    Is this still MISB (or MISP)?
    And if you open it are these bricks new or used?
  • ricecakericecake Member Posts: 878
    LOL we were joking about that here. Maybe UISP (used in sealed package)?
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Member Posts: 1,063
    edited November 2015
    ^^ And I think the bricks are new because they didn't get touched by our hands.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    ^^ And I think the bricks are new because they didn't get touched by our hands.
    Surely "used" because the studs etc. have suffered build stress?
  • MattsWhatMattsWhat Member Posts: 1,643
    If it's hand haven't touched (which I don't agree with) then I will build all my models with gloves on. Then despite being built and dismantled they are brand new!
    No,  I'm going with having had a stud inserted (or clipped etc) being the criteria. And as such I'm going to be calling them virgin bricks instead of new bricks. 
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Member Posts: 1,063
    Because I thought it looked fun, I tried this!

    This was my first time and I really enjoyed it!
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