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Lego storage series 1

I received my order of set #70172 from South Korea today. Don't get me started on the fact that you can't get the new Ultra agents sets in Europe. I love the look of this set and the shark inside is INCREDIBLE!

I opened the set and was initially worried that most of the Lego set box was taken up by a clear box wrapped in plastic. I knew something wasn't quite right because the seals had been cut and another seal put back over. I thought 'the absolute buggers have stolen the Lego and stuffed it with something else'. I had a quick look at the instructions and it seems that all the Lego bags are inside, although I'm yet to build it. However, on closer inspection the clear box has 'Promotional Item - "Limited Offer" ' written on it. The Item number is 4637055 and it says - Storage box series 1 and dated 2012. 

The box looks like a cool little storage/sorting box. Has anyone ever received a Lego set with a storage box inside before? Very strange, but very happy!



  • TigerMothTigerMoth Member Posts: 2,343
    There's at least three such boxes (small, medium and large) and are all described as "Korea Storage Box". Their part IDs are 4637056/7/8 - yours is different because it's bagged!

    That tells you what; it doesn't tell you why.
  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    #10250 Year of the Snake set has a storage box as well.
  • akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
    It seems to be the same or similar as in the LEGO Architecture Studio set. Really cool find! :)
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