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UK - WW Out of Production sets for sale

CalvCalv Member Posts: 904
I have been having a review of the sets I have collected and it is time for a sort-out. All the sets I have listed below are sealed and boxes good condition. I am in the Midlands and will post insured Air Mail world Wide or can meet up in the UK within easy driving distance. UK shipping will be by Hermes.

#66428 - Police Station Superset £75
#7964 - Republic Frigate £95
#4204 - The Mine £85
#10226 - Sopwith Camel £90
#10233 - Horizon Express £110
#9474 - Battle of Helms Deep £130
#79003 - Unexpected Gathering £70
#9515 - The Malevolence £120
#9472 - Attack on Weathertop £80
#9526 - Palpatines Arrest - £75
#9500 - Sith Fury Interceptor - £75
#75018 - JEK -14 Stealth Starfighter - £60
#79010 - Goblin King Battle - £60
#79007 - Battle at the Black Gate £60
#9516 - Jabbas Palace - £120
#42006 - Technic Excavator - £55
#6869 - Quinjet Ariel Battle - £75

Any questions please PM me. I have traded on here befor and also have a Bricklink store (Central Bricks) which is where these sets may get listed soon.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.