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UK: Wanted Series 14 CMFs, have various series to trade

struddiestruddie UKMember Posts: 87
I'm looking to complete my series 14 CMF collection and I need the following:

Wolf Guy
Tiger Woman
Skeleton Guy
Monster Rocker

I have the following available to trade:

Series 14
Fly Monster
Zombie Pirate
Plant Monster
Wacky Witch

The Simpsons Series 2
Groundskeeper Willie

The Simpsons Series 1

Panda Guy
Hard Hat Emmet
Wiley Fusebot

Series 13
Galaxy Trooper
Egyptian Warrior
Snake Charmer

Series 12
Video Game Guy
Dino Tracker

Series 11
Welder x 3
Scientist x 2
Mountain Climber

Series 10
Sky Diver x 2

Series 5
Cavewoman x 2
Zoo Keeper

TLR001 - Lone Ranger x 2
SW326: Sebulba - Moveable Arms

I'm looking for new figures, but I don't mind if the bags have been opened. All my figures have been opened to check contents only and sealed in a grip seal bag.

Will trade on a 1:1 basis but if someone has all four of my wanted figures I'll swap for five of mine.



  • dkprimusdkprimus RVAMember Posts: 31
    Only if your in the US.  I have at least 2 you need and you have 3 I need.  
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