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Folding empty Boxes or leaving them?

Just wondering if there is a loss in value with flattening the boxes for higher end lego? I have a few boxes and need to save some space.


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    If you do it carefully, then no. Flatten don't fold/crease.
  • Jern92Jern92 Member Posts: 889
    Flattening saves tons of space. I used to take up half a room with them, but now they're all sitting neatly atop a cupboard.
  • RonyarRonyar Member Posts: 373
    Mine are all flattened and most fit under a tv stand. I'm going to need a bigger TV stand to fit them under soon!
  • tecjamtecjam Member Posts: 255
    I'm having the exact same dilemma, although I did use some large boxes to create a sub-shelf below my lego-display table on which I placed my classic space display.
    (I had to move it somewhere to make space for the xmas display - which again will be replaced between xmas & new year with a ninja(go) style display).

    The rest however I will be flattening, at least for the sets I am unlikely to disassemble anytime soon (UCS / Modulars).

    How do you store the manuals and extra parts after flattening the boxes? That is, if you chose to keep the extra parts with the instructions.

    All in an old shoe box / draw or similar?
  • tecjam said:

    How do you store the manuals and extra parts after flattening the boxes? That is, if you chose to keep the extra parts with the instructions.

    All in an old shoe box / draw or similar?
    I've just been putting each set's instructions & extra pieces in a ziploc bag.  As long as they're stored flat in a storage tub, they should hold up quite well.
    I have carefully flattened all my boxes, with the ends sticking straight out on the sides. I put them in these gigantic ZIPLOCK "BIG BAGS", which are GREAT for keeping them clean & air tight.
    The "JUMBO" ZIPLOCKS are 2 feet X 2.7 feet (20 Gallon Size), & they hold several flattened large Lego boxes. These Jumbo Bags come 3 to a box. The next size down are the BIG BAG XL ZIPLOCKS which are 2 feet X 20 inches. There's also a smaller "Large Bag", but I don't know the dimensions of that one. Just make sure you push all the air out before sealing the bag.
  • William_TownsleyWilliam_Townsley Member Posts: 880
    Where do you get these^ Amazon? eBay? 
  • tecjamtecjam Member Posts: 255
    edited November 2015
    Thanks Build_With_Bricks and LegoCreatorHobby.
    Where do you get these^ Amazon? eBay? 
    I guess these are the ones - for the UK:

    For DE:

    or for nearly 50 EUR:

    Shame these big sizes aren't standard in europe, so unfortunately a $9 USD item becomes a 28 EUR item + 7 EUR shipping =(

    If anyone find them any cheaper anywhere for EU/UK delivery, please do post a link.

  • tecjamtecjam Member Posts: 255
    edited November 2015
    Actually, I found you can order from target and they seem to deliver to germany now: So instead of paying over 30 EUR delivered, I now only pay 22 EUR including delivery and taxes.

    Make sure you change the shipping type so all taxes are included (it's aparently faster and cheaper that way!)

  • Jumbo bags (3 to a box): Amazon (U.S.): $13.13
    XL bags (4 to a box): Amazon (U.S.): $13+
  • I keep all of my manuals, etc. together in an airtight plastic box. These are made by Iris & sold on Amazon. They come in several sizes. They're about 14" X 18" and come in various heights, from about 7" high to 12" high. You can also buy these at Staples in the U.S. or probably another office supply store (because they also make file boxes). They have secure closures and are airtight. Otherwise, I recommend buying the Ziplock 1-gallon and 2-gallon FREEZER bags. (The freezer bags are extra thick.) Ziplock also makes round plastic containers. I prefer the screw-top lids, but their containers with snap-on lids are less expensive. These will protect your pieces & minifigs from getting crushed.
  • BrickCreatorBrickCreator Member Posts: 137
    I personally flatten my boxes. For most of the sets, I simply cut the tape seals and they fold on their own. For some of the bigger boxes, I put them in a pillowcase. I know this sounds weird, but it helps to keep the dust off of them!
  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    ^ If a handbag I purchase doesn't come with a bag, I use pillowcases for them.  I'm sure it will work for boxes too :)
  • khmellymelkhmellymel Member Posts: 1,313
    I use bags and boards for many of my manuals, like the type for comics (that's how I came up with the idea!), then put them in a box file.  I like it, I find it's a fairly tidy solution and it keeps my manuals nice.  It's not perfect though, I'd prefer to be able to flip through them (like if they were in a binder or other such), but it's not bad.

    I'm not quite at the point where I have to flatten my boxes though!
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