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[USA] TRU BOGO Thanksgiving Day

sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
edited November 2011 in Shopping USA/Canada
BOGO-bonanza continues at Toys R Us. Starts at 9pm in-stores. Active on-line right now. "Regularly-priced items" only. No Star Wars or Mindstorms.

Also, get $15 off $100 purchases with code

And get $15 off $150 purchases if using MasterCard.


  • DatoDato Member Posts: 111
    edited November 2011
    The $15 off $100 code is BESTHOLIDAY.
    It's $25 off $150 with MasterCard.

    SW sets are excluded from BOGO. Also, lots of big sets are out of stock. :(
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    ^ Thanks. Was posting in a hurry from the iPhone earlier.
  • DatoDato Member Posts: 111
    Just placed an order. The $15 off $100 code and the MasterCard offer don't combine. :(
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,757
    edited November 2011
    Thanks Guys!!!!.
    I saw the flyer, but needed the code.
    Got two hillside houses for only 47.50 each....

    I wonder if TRU will actually have more stock online by tonight... doubtful though... All the 'hard to find' sets appear to be sold out, or too overpriced by TRU to really be allowing a 'good deal'

    Noticed the City Harbor is part of this as well.. decent deal there...
    The Airport is also supposed to be 35% off at teh physical store as well... not sure if it is worth fighting crowds for that though.
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas Member Posts: 8,404
    Did the $25 off $150 for Mastercard end yesterday?
  • DatoDato Member Posts: 111
    ^ I placed an order around 10pm last night. The MasterCard offer was nowhere to be found.
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