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Good Methods for Breaking up Bulk Lots?

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here knows of some good methods for breaking up a bulk lego lot into listings for ebay? (In terms of minimum $15-20 shipped increments). I've been investigating the following options, though my knowledge of these matters isn't great.

1) Listing my dark gray pieces as one or two pound lots in order to appeal to the castle and mountain-building MOC crowds.

2) I've noticed that pirate-related lots are hot and that people actually buy treasure chests, coin, and gems in quantity. Do you think it would make sense to build custom pirate islands with skeleton, monkey, shark, etc. in order to meet the price threshold I've listed above?

3) I've got two near-complete Star Wars sets (A Snowspeeder and a Walker) which I'm thinking of listing together at half-value plus shipping. These are maybe missing four pieces and a mini-fig-- it's the sort of thing where I could complete the sets if I were into the series, though I'm somewhat loathe to sink more money in if I'm not going to get a good sale price regardless.

Just to put this all in perspective, I'm over on the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA where the used market on Lego kind of sucks. People here aren't interested in paying "fair" bulk prices, and it's a struggle to get $6 per pound on bricks and $1 each on minifigs-- and we're talking unpicked collections, not reseller leftovers.

Anyhow, any discussions of sales strategies would be appreciated; how to ease the pain without getting completely ripped off, and the like :P
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