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Which new LEGO experience/product/platform/etc. do you want the most?

ConcretefaceConcreteface DenmarkMember Posts: 1
Hello fellow Bricksetters! 

Last night I began thinking about how good LEGO is/has been to seize every opportunity they see. I mean, their franchise consist not only of their amazing LEGO sets but also a huge array of experiences, online platforms, communities and much more (some of which are not even owned by TLG itself). The brand is connected to theme parks, magazines, websites where you can design your own creation/look up parts/sell/buy/have an overview of your collection, an upcoming LEGO House and much more.

So here comes my question: What kind of product/platform/experience do they NOT provide/facilitate that you would like to see/have/experience? 

Of course OP answers first. 
First of all, I miss their Design byME platform where you can create your own set and actually order it.
The next one is not an entirely new product, but I would also like to see a huge improvement of their LEGO Serious Play workshop format. I feel like it's much too constrictive as it is - both considering the application methods and the way the workshop is facilitated (for instance it often only involves the co-workers at a company and not their customers).
The final one I could think of was a LEGO café. Maybe it already exists somewhere, but I would very much like to see one here in Denmark. The concept in my mind would be quite similar to a board game café, so instead of board games you could "rent" LEGO sets to build in the café. Of course they would also serve LEGO-inspired food and beverages.

That was my two cents. Now the floor is yours!
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Shopping at or Amazon?

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