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FT: various customs (UK)

CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
edited October 2015 in Marketplace
I have various custom / non-lego parts for sale, I'm open to offers on these. I'm mainly after S14 CMFs, and torsos and shields and spears from Battle Goddess and Hun, beards and torsos from evil dwarf, shields from Romans, parts to Egyptian queen and Pharaoh, Egyptian warrior head and headdress. Or other complete CMFs. Or can take PayPal gift payments, but prefer trades.

First up, Character Building footballers. 13 plus 7 balls, to go as a lot. These are used but good condition.

Then a load of brickforge and brick warriors parts, helmets, weapons, etc. All new. These are packed into small lots, mix and match the lots but cannot split the individual little lots.


Dwarf helmets, swords, swords, Viking / Rohan helmets, military helmets, various oddments, wizard staffs, arrows


Pauldrons, helmet crests, weapons, canteens, shot guns, death in a box, utility belts and ghostbuster style spectro goggles, guitars


glassware, glassware, spears, odd bits. Note the Trojan shield is possibly a short shot when moulding. I cannot work out how to get the minifig to hold it, as it has an open handle.

PM any offers.

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