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Wrong set in the box

Vindic8edVindic8ed Member Posts: 165
edited October 2015 in Buying & Selling Topics
Anyone ever buy a brand new set and receive the wrong one?  The box is correct, but the instructions and pieces are for a different set.  I double checked all of the seals and to my assessment they haven't been tampered with.  (60058 box, 60057 pieces/manuals)


  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    One call to Lego customer service will fix that. Bet they send you a new #60058 for the goof up so it's a win for you. They will want to know the info on the seals so they can track the lot number.  
  • 12651265 Member Posts: 954
    Sounds fishy to me.
  • xiahnaxiahna Member Posts: 156
    wow, that's amazing. My husband got a wrong piece in one of the SDCC collectable sets he bought, but I've never heard of this. What a find!!
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,129
    Normally I would say that it was likely said was tampered with me there in the store or in a buy take-home swap out and return scenario

    however given the two sets in question there doesn't seem to be a lot of motivation for someone to switch one of those for the other. They are both low-priced generic city sets with no special or exclusive mini figures. 

     So in this case it was probably some weird assembly line issue and the packaging area   They were probably switching from boxing one set to boxing another set and The boxes got switched early or something
  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,264
    ^ that would be my guess.  Like switching the packing machines over and mis-counting how many of one were left and leaving the wrong number of those boxes in the machine and putting the next ones along with it to streamline the machine with no downtime.  Bound to happen at some point with how many sets they produce.  

    Also interesting that they are sets next to each other in numbering, which mean they came out at the same time and is even more likely it was just a production error.
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Amsterdam, NederlandMember Posts: 1,418
    I say: lucky you! I am pretty sure Lego will send you the correct set when you contact them.
  • YodaliciousYodalicious DagobahMember Posts: 1,366
    I've received multiple bags in a box, but never an entire different set. My Pet Shop had two of one of the bags in it. When I first noticed, I was worried that I got two of one bag and would be missing a different one, but nope, they were all there, just one got doubled up.
  • TigerMothTigerMoth Member Posts: 2,343
    A simpler explanation would be that the empty box ended up the wrong pile. It was produced as a 60057, weighed as a 60057, and distributed that way. A retailer wouldn't have been particularly bothered as they're the same price. It only goes wrong when the buyer picks it by the printing on the outside!
  • Vindic8edVindic8ed Member Posts: 165
    edited October 2015
    I ended up calling Lego, and they would have sent a new one if they had it, but they don't have anymore so I'm "stuck" with this one.  Not a complete loss, I prefer the other one but I'm ok with having this one.  I could get a refund but seeing as how I don't have either set I figured I'd keep it.
  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,840
    xiahna said:
    wow, that's amazing. My husband got a wrong piece in one of the SDCC collectable sets he bought, but I've never heard of this. What a find!!

    What would SUCK is if you got the new Superman one and the green roof was missing.
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,146
    Was the set brought from a lego retail store or their online site? (Couldn't see this mentioned in the thread). Or elsewhere?
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