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(US) For Sale: Indiana Jones sets

elee1019elee1019 ArizonaMember Posts: 18
I have 5.75 Indiana Jones sets for sale.  They have all been opened and there are no boxes.  We live in a smoke free home and have 2 small dogs that do not play with the legos.  I have not attempted to sell anything on this site before but I thought I would give it a shot.  I am able to provide potential buyers with a link to Ebay for you to review my feedback.  Also, I have recently made a couple purchases through this site.  Please pm me if you are interested.  Ideally, I would like to sell these as a lot.

#7621 - The Lost Tomb - 100% complete w/figs

#7621 - The Lost Tomb - approx 75-80% complete (could be used for parts? minifigs are partial)

#7622 - The Race for the Stolen Treasure - The cars/treasure are 100% complete.  The mini figures are partial 2/4 are complete.  One is missing a hat and the other is only a torso.

#7623 - Temple Escape- set is complete except for one of the small gray dinosaurs is missing.  Also, one of the sets of leaves has one leaf broken off. Figures are complete.

#7624 - Jungle Duel - set is complete except for missing one small tool.  Comes with instructions and all figures.

#7626 - Jungle Cutter- set is 100% complete w/figs and instructions


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