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Bendybadger bonus ball draw

bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,141
Quick one this week

Spiderman super jumper polybag #30305 up for grabs. Latecomers draw wins a random S14 CMF

question is - what super power would you want ( or in the case of some members what super power do you have?)

Mine would be healing as I could get rid of the stinking cold I have had all week

good luck all - usual rules apply

Latecomers can enter by giving an excuse of why they were too late to enter. 

good luck all




  • Wicksy80Wicksy80 Northern IrelandMember Posts: 583
    The ability to absorb and use any other super power, cause I'm greedy like that!
  • paul_mertonpaul_merton UKMember Posts: 2,963
    I would love to be able to freeze time, although I'd probably get up to all sorts of mischief with it :D
  • Russell844Russell844 California, USAMember Posts: 1,962
    X-ray vision
  • nexandernexander Glasgow Member Posts: 898
    Control gravity!
  • sweetness34sweetness34 San Diego, CA.Member Posts: 330
    Super strength. 
  • joel4motionjoel4motion United KingdomMember Posts: 959
    Freezing time for me. Doubt I'd be as helpful a Bernard was in the popular(?) kids TV programme though. 
  • messymessy CambridgeshireMember Posts: 242
    Invisibility, for no particular reason ;-)
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,348
    Invisibility for sneakiness.

    get well soon @bendybadger i'm also getting over a stinking cold!
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,790
    Invisibility for me too.  I'd get up to all sorts.
  • SithLord196SithLord196 Member Posts: 1,160
    Foresee future lottery winning numbers so I can win these giveaways?

    Does that count as a superpower?
  • Coolguy5000Coolguy5000 Ireland Member Posts: 1,541
    all the fantastic fours powers
  • ravendragonwingravendragonwing Member Posts: 152
    fly, definitely fly
  • cmrt1014cmrt1014 Member Posts: 396
    Peace - for everyone!

  • jon11380jon11380 25 minutes from the LEGO Shop MKMember Posts: 56
    Zoomable vision.

  • RoskoboyRoskoboy Aberdeen, UKMember Posts: 128
    Ability to see the future
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    Mind Control buwahaha!
  • FodderFodder AustraliaMember Posts: 321
    Teleportation. I've got family that lives too far away to see regularly. Also, I could visit the Lego stores that we don't have in Australia
  • jedivalkyriejedivalkyrie Member Posts: 213
    Xray vision!
  • Darthtater147Darthtater147 United StatesMember Posts: 47


  • COOLEGOCOOLEGO B'ham/SolihullMember Posts: 208
    Definitely the ability to travel back and forward in time, tell the 7 year old me not to bury some of my lego in the back garden for safe keeping!!!
  • CupIsHalfEmptyCupIsHalfEmpty CanadaMember Posts: 547
    Flight, That would just be amazing. 
  • ScarraScarra LondonMember Posts: 138
    I would like to have the ability of mind control.

    First I'd head off the Lego HQ and get them to make more LOTR sets so my collection would feel more complete.

  • BoomDiggityBoomDiggity Member Posts: 107
    Time manipulation or the ability to change into any person/object.
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation UKMember Posts: 5,577
    Time travel.  
  • 1x11x1 Member Posts: 132

    Flight for me.

  • SalamalexSalamalex UKMember Posts: 289
    Ability to bend time. 
  • BioniclemastermindBioniclemastermind Member Posts: 22
    To travel in space.
  • SirBenSirBen In the Hall of the Mountain KingMember Posts: 577
  • PoochyPoochy USAMember Posts: 479
    Be able to create Lego bricks from thin air (ok, maybe dark matter).
  • BACbrixBACbrix AmericaMember Posts: 655
    Invisible... I feel that way anyways sometimes... lol 
  • LegopantsLegopants GermanyMember Posts: 2,051
    edited October 2015
    The ability to shatter glass with my voice. 
  • EddieDoesntMindEddieDoesntMind Member Posts: 329
    The ability to own Lego stores in the blink of an eye!
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,111
    Time bender for me too.
  • cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,332
    To win every competition I enter. Or is that a super power I already possess?
  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,156
    The ability to hear people's thoughts.
    Be really handy for negotiations when haggling.
  • thenosthenos Twin Cities, MNMember Posts: 431
    Indestructible with flight and super strength.  Yes.  I would be awesome.  
  • Torpedo_VegasTorpedo_Vegas United StatesMember Posts: 23
    Super speed! 
  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 876
    Being indestructible would be awesome.
  • tcctcc Washington, DCMember Posts: 70
  • LuLegoLuLego UKMember Posts: 991
  • bendybadgerbendybadger ::1Member Posts: 1,141
    1 Wicksy80 
    2 paul_merton 
    3 Russell844
    4 nexander 
    5 sweetness34
    6 joel4motion
    7 messy 
    8 Shib 
    9 Legoboy 
    10 SithLord196 
    11 scoiltreasa
    12 ravendragonwing
    13 cmrt1014 
    14 jon11380 
    15 Roskoboy 
    16 BrickDancer 
    17 iliketoast 
    18 jedivalkyrie
    19 Darthtater147 
    20 COOLEGO
    21 CupIsHalfEmpty
    22 Scarra
    23 BoomDiggity 
    24 LostInTranslation 
    25 1x1 
    26 Salamalex
    27 Bioniclemastermind 
    28 SirBen 
    29 Poochy 
    30 BACbrix
    31 Legopants
    32 EddieDoesntMind 
    33 CCC
    34 cheshirecat 
    35 bandit778
    36 thenos
    37 Torpedo_Vegas
    38 Aleydita
    39 tcc
    40 LuLego
  • khopewosinkhopewosin Member Posts: 94
    Ability to duplicate myself. So I can send my duplicate to work while I stay home and build Lego
  • MasterBeefyMasterBeefy US of AMember Posts: 121
  • iso3200iso3200 97 miles from Brickset TowersMember Posts: 2,050
    @bendybadger new lotto rules now mean balls range from 1-59

    Psychic abilities.
  • pookiepookie Member Posts: 156
  • pricey73pricey73 UKMember Posts: 352
    Time travel definitely!
  • Toc13Toc13 Member Posts: 1,082
    I think that stems from living on a small island off the coast of Europe :-)
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 13,252
    Manipulate water.
  • BastaBasta Australia Member Posts: 1,259
    edited October 2015
    To be able to correctly predict on discontinuing sets and their secondary market value ;)
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 PA, USAMember Posts: 720
    Infinite intelligence 
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