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A Bricktastic Idea For CN

VBaskin2008VBaskin2008 Member Posts: 181
edited October 2015 in Everything else LEGO
LEGO Maniacs, do you remember the Weekday/Weekend morning block called "The Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera" growing up?

Well it got me thinking, since LEGO is doing a good job with by bringing their favorite toy line to the animation realm with shows like "The Legends Of Chima", "The Friends Of Heartlake City", "and of course the 1 that started it all "NinjaGo: Masters Of Spinjitzu".

Maybe it's about time to tell the big heads at Cartoon Network to create a sunday afternoon block featuring 3 highly successful LEGO cartoons, and i have just the perfect name for it i call it, "The Bricktastic World Of LEGO" because LEGO has created a bricktastic universe unlike no other and oh BTW (By The Way) the word "Bricktastic" is a fusion between Bricks and Fantastic or Funtastic to say the least.

The series would be hosted by the Nexo Knights, LEGO's newest superstars.

Now here's the 3 LEGO cartoons that would look just right for the season 1 lineup.

First off it's "Mixels: The Animated Series", based the highly successful LEGO toy line and the outrageously Cartoon Network shorts this series tells that the chronicles of the Mixels, a tribe of different creatures who likes to have fun or in this case "Rad Fun", their only problem?

The Nixels, the filthy, grossiest, meaniness type of punks that you don't wanna mess with, they only want 1 prize and 1 prize only the legendary Mixel Cube the true powerful sources of all Mixels, it's up to the Mixels by mixing it up with other Mixels and becoming a powerful team, but if the Nixels go to that giant level the Mixels will max it up and big themselves.

Next up it's "Nexo Knights: Digital Medieval Protectors Of Knighton", based on the newest LEGO toy line this series is like the futuristic version of Knights' Kingdom.

The Nexo Knights are: heroic knight Clay Moorington, alpha superstar Lancelot "Lance" Richmond, hipster marksman Aaron Fox, Knighton's princess turned knight Macy Halbert, and the biggest member of the team is giant Axl Jay uh i give him a last name just in case.

Their mission is to protect Knighton against former funny clown turned evil sorcerer named Jester and his band of evil monsters, with the help of Knighton's most legendary good sorcerer himself, the one and only Great Digital Wizard Merlok 2.0. the Knights will prevail and keep Knighton safe once and for all.

Last but not least it's "Elves: The Animated Series", based on the incredible LEGO elemental toy line this series tells the magical adventures of Emily Jones an ordinary girl that enters a world of element human type creatures known as Elves.

Now it's up to them by finding the lost element keys that might help Emily back to her world.

Well what you think?

Not bad huh?

Let me know that we should tell Cartoon Network to do a sunday afternoon block for us LEGO fans or not?
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