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LEGO Build Together

legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
edited November 2011 in Building and Techniques
After seeing Lego's new Build Together commercial tonight, I checked out the site and it's a lot of fun to have with your young builder. Some neat, quick activities plus a couple of alternate instructions from various Star Wars kits like...Bounty Hunter Assault Ship, Imperial V-Wing Starfighter, Jedi T-6 Shuttle, Hoth Echo Base (a cool transport for Bacta Tank Luke but don't trust that spy droid drivin' the vehicle) and a starfighter ship using parts from both the Jedi T-6 Shuttle and Imperial V-Wing Starfighter. Gonna' try a couple of these.

Check it out when looking for something different to do with the kids.


  • Rollo_TomassiRollo_Tomassi Member Posts: 113
    SpyDroid? I hope you're not speaking ill of The Deuce. The Deuce rocks.

    "Take Care, Sir."
  • legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
    ^Don't know who the Deuce is but around my way if it's like...I gotta' take a Deuce, then you're right it does rock 'cause you feel relieved (and lighter) afterwards...;)
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