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Building Stock

zackeschzackesch WisconsinMember Posts: 14
Good afternoon fellow AFOL's,

After putzing around with the Architect Studio set for the past week or two, I was curious about how you go about building your stock. The colors I am most interested are the ones that can be used in scale architectural builds, tans, greys, black, white, pretty much the non bright blues reds yellows and greens. I have done some window shopping in bricklink, brick owl, PAB and ebay. I thought of buying the stuff by the pound, but that is a bit too blind and I will get pieces that does not fit my building style or interest. 

Simply put, my plan is to use the Architect Studio as a sketch model, then from there scale it up in LD.


  • crazycarlcrazycarl USAMember Posts: 392
    PAB and Bricklink for me!  It also helped that I had all my lego from childhood.  Two 20 gallon totes full!
  • JenniJenni JapanMember Posts: 1,388
    I'm not 100% sure what you're asking. If you think you might build in minifig scale so that doors and windows are useful then you may want to purchase multiple copies of the larger Creator houses. 

    Architecture sets would be good parts sets for other scales.

    I used to buy extra modulars but with the discount ban I don't tend to any more.

    If you have a LUG near you there are opportunities associated with membership. I got a nice little batch of brick patterned bricks  in our LUG's last parts draft.

    Hope that helps.
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,261

    I started out as a minifigure collector, so often bought sets just for the figures, once I started building I was glad of all those parted out sets.

    I have loads of grey, it's so widely used that just about every theme will yield quite a quantity eventually.

    another way to build up your parts is to buy sets and sell off the minifigures, a lot of licenced themes there is often more value I the figures than the set so dependant on theme, you can often get a good % back. 

    conversely look out for people selling sets that they have removed minifigures from, often you can get new parts at a good cost.

  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,215
    You're after the worst (that is, most expensive) colours since most afols want those colours too.

    Also, don't get rid of all your primary colours. They can be useful cheap filler where they are not seen, and also useful if they are rare shapes to test out if a part works before buying in the correct colour.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 6,104
    I sometimes come up with a design feature in my head or on a digital design program and then look at bricklink to see what colors in the key parts are affordable. Then I let the rest of the project take shape based on those selections. I have also based projects around what I find on sale. Back in March I found a stack of Friends High School sets with a bunch of the cool yellow bricks in them for half off. That allowed me to MOC a cool yellow modular apartment building for a bargain price.
  • zackeschzackesch WisconsinMember Posts: 14
    CCC, by no means am i ridding of my primary color pieces. 

    I apologize for my vague post. I am fighting a bug so I am not completely with it. More of what I am curious about are what pieces are good pieces to stock up on?

     My scales will vary . In short, I will be creating minifig sized structures for my Legonel "Lego + Lionel" layout when the wife and I find a house and get out of our apartment. I do plan on building to the Mircopolis standard and buildings based on the Mini Modular set. The scale will depend on what structure is being built. The colors stated above is my preferred pallet. I am not saying I will not be using the primary colored pieces, but not my first choice. 
  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 834
    Used sparingly, almost all non-standard bricks and plates will help you define features in small scale buildings. You'll likely need a lot of SNOT pieces too. The best way will probably be to browse the two categories above on BrickOwl and Bricklink for inspiration - the colours you're looking to work with can be expensive but there'll be plenty 1p to 3p pieces in those colours as well. SNOT pieces usually turn up on the Pick a Brick wall, I've picked up white, medium stone grey and black SNOT bricks on my last 3 store visits.
  • henrysunsethenrysunset Member Posts: 235
    I have done extensive LEGO Architecture modeling and started out with the Arch. Studio set.  

    I agree that it is perfect for building your initial scale model, and if you feel compelled to do so, you can order the parts you need in the exact quantities and colors you require in order to build a "final" model.

    I also find it interesting to stop with the white model, take some photos, share them online, and tear it apart to build something new.

    Either way, I can recommend some additional bricks to buy.  You already know about BrickLink which is probably the best way to get them.  Lastly, don't discount the importance of getting everything well organized - it's a lot easier for me to be creative when I can find what I need!

    Some of the following resources from my blog may be useful to you:


    P.S. the book which I was inspired to write after buying Architecture Studio in 2013 just came out this week.  Learn more at:

  • zackeschzackesch WisconsinMember Posts: 14

    I pulled the trigger on that book earlier this week and waiting for my friendly postman to deliver it.

    I also nabbed that book,new, at a goodwill for $1.
  • zackeschzackesch WisconsinMember Posts: 14
    I find your blog to be inspirational when it comes to lego Architecture. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago when I was reading up on the Studio set. When it comes to size, the Bauhause Dessau, med and large model and maybe Frank Lloyd Wright's Wingspread on the larger side. Also, When I become a bit more confident in my building abilities, I'll do the 30 day challenge. 
    I pulled the trigger on that book earlier this week and waiting for my friendly postman to deliver it.
    I also nabbed that book,new, at a goodwill for $1.
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