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(US) Sellng Batman Sets

Jigman2Jigman2 United StatesMember Posts: 23
All are unopened and I will only ship to US addresses. 

6863 Batwing Battle $65 shipped
6857 Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape $75 shipped


  • vriverajr3vriverajr3 USAMember Posts: 133
    Just letting you know. both of those sets can be found for way below what you're asking.
    6857 can be found on bricklink for $53 new and sealed.
    6863 can also be found on bricklin for $44 new and sealed.
  • Jigman2Jigman2 United StatesMember Posts: 23
    Add the shipping costs and my prices aren't that far off. I'm very open to offers as well. 
  • Jigman2Jigman2 United StatesMember Posts: 23
    I would also trade both set for the Poe's X Wing set unopened. 
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