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HistoricalStarHistoricalStar ChicagoMember Posts: 2
Have a collection of:
  • 5 Snowtroopers (SW115, helmet and backpack connected style, all black head)
  • 1 AT-AT Driver (SW262, all black head)
  • 1 Imperial Officer (SW261, Hoth battle gear)
  • 1 The Inquisitor (SW622, complete with shoulder armor, helmet, and dual light saber handle [handle only])
  • 1 Zev Senesca (SW260)
All are new, meaning I opened them in the past few months and they haven't been played with.

Looking to trade for a number of other Star Wars minifigs (I assume one fig for another, depending on rarity, difficulty to find, etc.) I'm most interesting in acquiring:
  • Imperial Crew (SW584)
  • Imperial Naval Trooper (SW583)
  • Imperial Officer (SW582 or SW623)
  • Rebel Scout Trooper (SW187 or SW427)
  • Rebel Technician (SW082)
  • Scout Trooper (SW505)
  • Stormtrooper Sergeant (SW630)
  • TIE Fighter Pilot (SW632 or SW543)
  • Tusken Raider (SW620)
  • Bespin Guard (SW611)
  • As well as a variety of one-off "alien" characters and droids

But other trades or even selling are possible, so if you want any of the Star Wars minifigs I have and you have other Star Wars minifigs feel free to shoot me a message.



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