Wanted: Scooby Doo Figures (UK Preferred)

Renegade007cjhRenegade007cjh Essex, UKMember Posts: 683
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Hi All

Am looking to acquire the new Scooby Doo figures (and the titular canine in his various guises), to avoid having to buy the sets, which I'm not really interested in (except the Mystery Machine, natch).  I'd prefer to do them in batches to keep postage costs down, but if someone had the lot, that would be great... ideally looking to trade within the UK, but may consider purchasing (possibly WW) if price is right. Perhaps someone is picking up the sets in the current Argos 3-for-2 and wants to unload the figs...?

For trades, I'd consider anything of similar value from my other marketplace thread(s) (sorry, am on mobile device at the moment and it doesn't want to let me copy links) or my BrickLink store (search for username "Renegade007" or my store name is "Polybags & Parts Galore").

Thanks for looking.
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