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New to forum

zackeschzackesch WisconsinMember Posts: 14
Hello all,

I finally made the jump to joining this forum after bumbling through it for some time. 

I am a relatively newish AFOL. I started collecting sets again about 3.5 years ago, mainly city and star wars. The main reason why Lego crossed my mind again is that I saw examples of Lionel and Lego being used together and size wise they are a very good mix for the non-scale Lionel freight and loco's.

Within the past 2 months or so, I have taken a more serious approach, as I started organizing my pieces, filing the manuals, and put a hold onto collecting sets to focus my attention on MOC's. Just this past weekend, I picked up a copy of the architecture studio set to learn more about how to improve my building designs. I must say that this is my favorite Lego purchase to date.  

My question for you of those out there is how do you sort your collection? Mine at the moment is smaller then what appears to be average.  With how I sorted it at the moment is all like pieces together, in zip loc bags then stored in 15 QT Sterlite containers. This is nice to find that one style of part but I rifle through a number of bags to find it, and with me needing one color of 1 x _ brick, there are bags EVERYWHERE... Oh, all my smaller detail pieces are in plano 3600 style boxes. My thought is to take similar pieces within a series like 1x3 and 1x4 plate white and store them together in the same bag. This will be for typical bricks and plates, detail pieces will remain as is, mixed. Any thoughts?


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