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General City Discussion

playwellplaywell Member Posts: 2,331

Some 2016 set news with set numbers and prices

60105 Fire ATV ?

60106 Fire Starter Set 9.99 €

60107 Fire Ladder Truck 19.99 €

60108 Fire Response Unit 29.99 €

60109 Fire Boat 69.99 €

60110 Fire Station ?

60111 Fire Utility 34.99 €

60112 Fire Engine ?

60113 Rally Car 9.99 €

60114 Race Boat 9.99 €

60115 4x4 Off Roader 19.99 €

60116 Ambulance Plane 19.99 €

60117 Van & Caravan 19.99 €

60118 Garbage Truck 19.99 €

60119 Ferry 29.99 €

60126 Tire Escape ?

60127 Prison Island Starter Set 9.99 €

60128 Police Pursuit 19.99 €

60129 Police Patrol 39.99 €

60130 Prison Island ?

60131 Crooks Island ?


  • playwellplaywell Member Posts: 2,331

    Guess you can add in a Juniors set:

    10720 Police Helicopter 9.99 €

  • mr.pigglesmr.piggles Member Posts: 325
    edited September 2015
    I'm really confused... wasn't this information in another thread? I love City as much as the next person, but I feel like this is pushing down discussions I really want to see or missed, for information that was posted elsewhere.

    Edit: sorry if this (or that) is  (was) a rude statement, I just got excited that there might be something of substance to talk about when all it was were numbers, prices, and question marks that we've already seen, and I feel like that's an understandable sentiment.
  • playwellplaywell Member Posts: 2,331
    ^ Its not new really, will try adding a bit more when I can but am sure pictures are not far off.
  • crazycarlcrazycarl Member Posts: 392
    Cant wait for the rally car!!!!
  • playwellplaywell Member Posts: 2,331

    I am looking forward to the 4x4 off roader, it is meant to be big with big wheels and best of all its Octan.

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