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TRU Shipping - damaged boxes?

andystarandystar Member Posts: 275
edited November 2011 in Shopping USA/Canada
I was curious if others experience the same poor packing for items shipped from TRU. Usually the larger sets are packed in oversize boxes with very little packing material. The sets end up bouncing around inside and I end up with Lego sets where the box corners are usually damaged. Not to mention the shipping boxes are usually pretty well beat up by UPS/FedEx.


  • OdinduskOdindusk Member Posts: 763
    I placed two orders during the BOGO last weekend. First order had a pair of $40 sets. Second order had a pair of smaller, $10 sets.

    The larger sets shipped in a box and cushioned with a piece of that inflatable plastic stuff. Minimalistic, but it did the trick.

    The smaller sets in the second order were shipped in a FREAKING ENVELOPE. Crushed and mangled, of course. I could barely believe it. If it wasn't for only spending $15 on the order, I would have been furious. Instead I just kind of threw my arms up and laughed. I realize it was a free shipping offer, but I didn't realize that gave them an excuse to ship boxed toys in an envelope. What a joke.
  • scrapdscrapd Member Posts: 16
    I think one of the problems is the cheap shipping materials TRU uses. The outer cardboard boxes are almost always crushed anytime I get something from TRU. I wish they would offer an option to upgrade to higher quality cardboard boxes and better packaging materials. I would pay a small fee for that. I have also recieved the envelope treatment from TRU once. You are correct it was a joke.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,757
    I think there are numerous threads about this issue. TRU ships boxes that look like they played soccer with them at the UPS distribution warehouse....
    Im sure a couple of the death stars I got have big dents in the box as well as they shipped them in the same boxes that LEGO ships in, which his no packing material
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    I've bought 2 7936 Level Crossings from them before, and they were shipped in a over-sized box with no packaging. Surprisingly, they did not get damaged, and were in mint condition.
  • tdhbrtdhbr Member Posts: 188
    I got an Imperial Flagship recently (ordered online from TRU), and it was fairly obvious the box had been opened and reclosed. I was planning on saving it for awhile, but I went ahead and opened it. There were some loose pieces inside ... I counted heads (literally) and believe all the minifigs are there. If there are other missing pieces, I'll just call Lego customer service.

    As a result, I've decided that any time I may want to save the box, or save a whole set sealed, that I will buy in person from the Lego Store, even if it costs more. Besides, it's only 3 miles away.
  • starfire2starfire2 Member Posts: 1,333
    I don't like them sending the smaller sets in an envelope. I got lucky this time that there was minimal damage. I also don't like them using UPS to USPS service. Lego does the same thing with Fed Ex to USPS. My local mail carriers are morons who assume I am not home, so they don't even bother try to come to my door. I have to run outside and as soon as I see them and ask if they have my package.
  • skherbeckskherbeck Member Posts: 33
    I've recieved numerous damaged Lego boxes from ToyRUs, but they always let me return them with no additional charge to me, and they always offer me an additional 10% off my next order... still, I'd rather just get mint boxes in the first place!
  • thebricksterthebrickster Member Posts: 63 i found a vidoe on how they treat some
  • vedder1029vedder1029 Member Posts: 78
    ^HAHAHAH Awesome.... well, not for the customers but that was hilarious...
  • BTHodgemanBTHodgeman Member Posts: 622 least it looked like it was a soft package. Maybe the contents were unharmed....
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