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Lego Star Wars trade for modulars

I have an 8039-1, 7964-1, and 8098-1 for trade for any of the modular sets. Each is worth about $200-$300.


  • TheUltimateTFOLTheUltimateTFOL Member Posts: 152
    Whoops, I forgot the details: so here they are.
    My sets are in good condition. Instructions are present in all of them. Boxes are present for all of them except for 8039-1. All minifigures come with all accessories. Most pieces are there (some may be missing, I didn't count, but I have built the sets successfully without them.) All pieces, instructions, and boxes are in good condition.

    Would like to trade for modular; Mint in Sealed Box is best, but as long as the set is in good condition and contains all of its pieces I am happy. Modular must also come with all minifigures, box, and instructions. Any modular is fine, whatever you have for trade. Each of these sets is worth about the cost of a modular at retail price or a modular which has been retired for a year or two (for example, the Pet Shop, Detective's Agency, or Grand Emporium). If you have questions send me a message.
  • brownbricks720brownbricks720 Member Posts: 47
    The pet shop and detective's agency aren't retired. 
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