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Minifigure Display Case

zlitalienzlitalien Member Posts: 4
Hey everyone,  i believe this may be my first post, but i have been visiting these forums and Brickset for quite a while now.  Finally, i have something that i am so frustrated by, that i have something to post!!!

I have been looking for these stackable minifigure display cases for over a year now and i have been unable to source any that ship at a reasonable price to Canada.   They seem to be often in stock at TRU in the US, but i've only been able to pickup one by fluke at my local TRU in Canada about a year ago.  I have a close friend who is a Manager there and they haven't received anymore in. 

Does anyone know where i can get these in Canada or get them shipped to here?

My daughter loves these cases, she has 2 of them know but she has far outgrown the two!!  Any help would be appreciated....thanks!


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,473
    Those are interesting, I do not see them on LEGO's site, but by appearances they are LEGO. Have you tried Amazon (not sure if these are TRU exclusives)?
  • Russell844Russell844 California, USAMember Posts: 2,262
    I have only seen those Friends display cases at TRU, Amazon, and eBay.
  • zlitalienzlitalien Member Posts: 4
    Yeah I've tried amazon and luck so far.  They appear to be extremely hard to come buy.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,623
    I have seen them in TRU before but I think they are going to be difficult to obtain even here in the states and I have only seen them in TRU.  They are not made by Lego so they won't have them. 
  • zlitalienzlitalien Member Posts: 4
    I've bought 2 before when I saw them randomly pop up, a yellow and red one.  I thought they were made by lego, but I could be wrong.  I can't even find them on bricklink :(
  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 1,006
    I've seen a few of these at my local TRU recently. I'd imagine they are only going to get harder and harder to find with the new company making different ones now. 
  • FuddruckusFuddruckus Member Posts: 38
    edited September 2015
    That kind was made by Schylling.

    The new cases made by Room Copenhagen and available through Amazon and Wayfair are great.  I see you're looking for the purple ones, but I can't recommend the new ones enough.
  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman UKMember Posts: 1,525
    zlitalien said:
    I've bought 2 before when I saw them randomly pop up, a yellow and red one.  I thought they were made by lego, but I could be wrong.  I can't even find them on bricklink :( Display Case, Small - For 8 Minifigures&category=[Storage]

  • dwalcott1dwalcott1 Michigan, USAMember Posts: 2
    I saw about 10 of them, pink, purple, and light blue, at the Toys R Us in Grand Rapids, MI today for $19.99 each.  If you would like me to pick some up and send them, I could.
  • zlitalienzlitalien Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for all your help...i was looking specifically for the Lego Friends one and her favourite colour is purple, so when i saw it, i needed to try and get it.  dwalcott...i'll message you.  Thanks.
  • byolegobyolego Member Posts: 114
    Where are you in Canada, if you're in the area bordering the US, you should just cross the border and do a quick run of ALL TRU store in that bordering states.

    I've only seen those cases in TRU too.

  • byolegobyolego Member Posts: 114
    edited September 2015
    I like the Schylling version and I dislike the new one by Royal Copenhagen
    Here's it is, the 16 figures case (click the link). When I saw it in the store, the clear separation slats have come OFF and scattered all over the place. Seems really flimsy.
    Here's it is on TRU website:
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